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Hetalia Twitter Roleplay

1) NO GODMODDING. Basically, don't control someone else's character unless they give you permission, okay?

2) BE ACTIVE! Life happens, but it's not terribly difficult to get onto twitter and type something that's 140 characters or less. If you're going to be gone for any extended amount of time, be sure to tell the mods about it!

3) NO SPAMMING. We see any hint of mystery meat posted from you, you'll get a warning.

4) NO BULLYING. This rp is for fun, and if we hear about anyone harassing members, you'll be given one warning. If it persists, you'll be kicked out, end of story. We don't like meanies here. (If you're having troubles with someone, make sure to contact a mod about the situation--we'll deal with it!) 

5) This RP has a PG-13 rating. There will be no sexual conduct on twitter! If you absolutely must ravage each other, do it elsewhere, privately.

6) If you get three warnings for breaking any of the rules, you are automatically kicked out.

7) You are only allowed one character when you join. If you can prove to be active for one month, you'll be allowed to apply for a second. Two characters is the limit.

8) Original Characters are not currently allowed, sorry!

9) Have fun!